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Protect yourself


Why should you protect yourself?

Care about yourself and your health! Having unprotected sex just once is enough to be at risk for sexually transmitted infections.

A healthy sexual relationship may bring you joy, pleasure and satisfaction. Sex becomes especially enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about getting HIV or other sexually transmitted infections. The sense of security you get from using a condom will help you enjoy sex more. And you will also be protected against unwanted pregnancy.

Safety is sexy

If you find it difficult to talk about sex with your partner, then start by talking about using protection. Express your need for safety, find out what your partner likes, and describe your own preferences and wishes. Caring about yourself and your partner is sexy and it brings a sense of closeness into the relationship.

It is safer with protection

Protect yourself at the beginning of a relationship as well as when the relationship goes beyond the first sex. Your partner may seem polite, familiar or from a trusted circle of people, making you think that there is no risk of sexually transmitted infections. But this may be deceiving because you cannot tell whether a person is carrying an infection just by looking at them. Even if your partner assures you that they have no diseases, this may not be the case. Use a condom or safety membrane film during sex and you will not have to worry but can focus on the pleasure instead.

If you have found a steady partner and you decide to have sex without a condom, you should both first get tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

Sometimes less is better

The best possible protection against STIs and HIV is a trusting and monogamous relationship. Couples who have never had other sex partners will not get any sexually transmitted infections. The less sex partners you and you partner have had, the lower the risk of infection. Practice safe sex to keep yourself healthy!

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